2016 Commodore’s Cup and Wabbit Nationals at Huntington LakeJune 24 - 26
Kim Desenberg:

Congratulations to Tim Russell and his crew John Claude and Will Martens for dominating our Nationals
this year – out of 7 races they were able to throw out a third place and all the rest of their finishes were
first places. So they won our 2016 Wabbit Nationals, and kept the High Sierra/Huntington Lake Wabbit
Perpetual Trophy for another year. Deke Klatt with Ian Baldwin and Taylor Schlub and Sarah Deeds
with John and brother Paul both had good series, with Deke and crew coming out 2nd in the Nationals
while Sarah’s team placed 3rd. For the Commodore’s Cup (which did not include Friday’s races) those
positions were switched for these two. Those of us back in the regular fleet had our challenges, as we
usually find at this beautiful but shifty lake.
Our website shows the results of our nationals - 7 races with one throwout. Leaving out the
2 Friday races show the results for our class in the Commodore’s Cup. Two pairs changed places –
Sarah and Deke, and also Jim Malloy’s and Colin Moore’s boats - between these two events.
It was great to see JP and Rachael, with Phil Krasner sailing Colin’s boat in his absence, and Kelsey
Tostenson with Ted Russell and Merrick Cheney in her first Wabbit Nationals sailing dad Ron’s boat as
he wandered off into the Moore 24 fleet this year.
Many thanks to Simon Winer and Anna Desenberg (and others) for running our races on Friday, with
Ron Tostenson and crew operating the safety boat (Tim Russell’s whaler) on the lake (I didn’t hear of
them catching any fish on that day). Also thanks to Melinda Erkelens for ordering the hats and ditty
bags, and to Sarah for adding the small monster fish to our logo.

PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7
1WecklessRussell63(3)1(4)1(5)1(6)1(7)1(8)1 (9)
2JohnsonKlatt161(1)2(3)5(8)3(11)4(15)2(17)4 (21)
3The Bar-ba-lootDeeds192(2)5(7)3(10)6(16)3(19)4(23)2 (25)
4JomboStewart235(5)6(11)4(15)4(19)2(21)5(26)3 (29)
5Mr. MacGregorDesenberg256(6)4(10)2(12)5(17)6(23)3(26)5 (31)
6Bad Hare DayMenzel264(4)3(7)6(13)2(15)5(20)6(26)6 (32)
8Bear WabbitMalloy48DNF(10)9(19)7(26)7(33)7(40)8(48)DNF (58)
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