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Next Season Series Event: Great Pumpkin Regatta @ Richmond Yacht Club (October 28)

Nationals Meeting - 6/26/16

We had 9 boats represented at our Sunday morning meeting: Tim Russell, Sarah Deeds, Deke Klatt, Kim Desenberg and John Groen, Ron Tostenson, Merrick Cheney, Erik Menzel, Jon Stewart and Bill Erkelens. By acclamation we elected for another term Ethan Peterson as class measurer and Melinda Erkelens as class treasurer. Our new national commodore is Bill Erkelens, who served for one year but declined the traditional second year due to his travel schedule, and is now back for another round. Ron Tostenson is our new fleet captain. Sarah commented that this year’s schedule seems successful, and asked that we avoid having our Nationals on a date which conflicts with a Moore 24 event as this affects several of our boat’s crews. While we can’t control the Moore’s schedule, everyone was supportive of this request. The 3 person/no genoa rule for downwind races was discussed. It was decided to allow genoas on all races where we are contending in PHRF, even if those are season counter class races. Examples would be the Konocti Cup and the Ditch Run. We currently allow genoas for the Sunday pursuit races in the Big Daddy , Wheeler Cup and Great Pumpkin, and the 3 Bridges Fiasco even though those are not counters for our season. So this is a change for the Ditch Run, and anyone choosing to enter that race with two in the crew will not have that result count for our season results. The three person crew and no genoa requirements will remain for our Wiver Wun event. Weight limits were discussed but not approved. At Sarah’s suggestion, we will try and having a scheduling meeting at or around the time of the Great Pumpkin Regatta to begin planning for next year. We did confirm that this year’s Wiver Wun will be the standard one day (Saturday, August 6) event, going to Rio Vista. John pointed out that we can each pay $10 and haul out at the same marina we have been going to in Rio Vista, and we will work on other arrangements for a bbq site as that venue is already taken. I suggested that the technical committee review an anomaly in the jib measuring which Ethan discovered, so that group will address this and add clarity to this issue. I also suggest we ask this committee to take on the task of reviewing our rules and making sure changes such as the 3 person requirement and the allowing of genoas in PHRF events get incorporated into the rules properly. (This suggestion was not brought up at the Nationals meeting, but is an ongoing concern that needs to be addressed). Respectfully submitted, Kim Desenberg

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