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Richmond Yacht Club Small Boat Midwinters
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March 6
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Richmond Yacht Club Small Boat Midwinters
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February 7
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Preliminary 2016 Schedule

2016 Preliminary Schedule
Season Wrap up:
2015 Well folks, it's been a Kwazy, Jombo, Weckless season.......... Congratulations to Colin Moore's Kwazy team, including primarily Rachael and Bill, who won the regular Wabbit season as well as the Traveling Series!!! Second, in both of these series, goes to Jon Stewart and family in Jombo. Welcome back Jon! Tim Russell and his steady crew of Scot and John were third in the season, and tied for third in the Traveling series with Aaron Sturm's Wild Bunch with Sarah Deeds on board and now taking over the reigns. See the attached for the season results. The Great Pumpkin was a good regatta - although we didn't actually finish a race, we had a great time in the first race up to the leeward mark, and after two races there were 4 boats tied for first place! 9 boats entered, 7 boats sailed the three races on Saturday. Bill and Melinda got stuck in the middle with no tow and ended up sailing home, Mr. McGregor got the jib halyard stuck half way up and sailed home after trying to free it on the committee boat. The start line was hidden at the farthest reaches of the Olympic circle (anyone else prefer sailing on the Southampton course next year??), and the wind barely made the first race happen, but then made an appearance. Sunday was more surprises - with 111 finishers, Colin was coming off recent overall wins in this pursuit race, but decided to let the other Wabbits go ahead - Jombo came in 8th overall - a very respectable finish for the light air! Sarah in The Once-ler barely beat Grace and Merrick (and Angie!) in Lepus - 42 and 43. Colin was mid-fleet at 55. Let's talk about how to score the season at our next meeting - to see if we want to have higher scores for those who don't race so we recognize participation more strongly, or keep it this way. We can clarify this for John so he can keep us informed next year! In fact, let's have a meeting, maybe early in November, to talk about that and the midwinters and the nationals and next year's schedule

File Photo: 2009 Nationals - Monterey

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