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October 28
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Nationals Meeting - October 2017

We had 9 boats represented at our Sunday morning meeting: Tim Russell, Sarah Deeds, Kim Desenberg and John Groen, Ron Tostenson, Merrick Cheney, Erik Menzel, Jon Stewart, Michael Lazarro, and Colin Moore

Meeting Notes (Thanks to Ron Tostenson)

1) It was proposed that the $10 guest diver fee stay the same, be reduced to $5, be waived completely, only apply to nationals. not sure what was decided.

2) Ron proposed that the annual dues be raised from $50 to $60, not sure what was decided.

3) Kim proposed that a technical committee meeting be called to discuss allowing fiberglass reinforcements which are currently not allowed, in arguably week areas of the boats. it was unclear who is actually on the technical committee.

4) It was agreed upon that the final standings will be based on the boat, and not the driver/crew, so that as long as the guest driver fee is paid as describd above? the score will go to the boat. I've adjusted the current 2017 standings accordingly. Tim paid $40 to the wabbit class for others unpaid fees:-)

5) Alex stepped up to be web master!

6 )Melinda will continue as treasurer!

7) Merrick is our new class measurer!

8) Jon Stewart has agreed to be 2018 National's Commodore (as long as next years national's are held in Tomales Bay at IYC) !!

9) Sarah is relieving me and is now our S.F. Bay Fleet Captain!!!

10) Jon also agreed to be Santa Claus for this years X-mas party!!!!

File Photo: Best Shots

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