SSS Corinthian Race at Richmond Yacht ClubMarch 25
Go the RYC!
Was a Wabbit day with long reaches and runs against Ebb and short beats with Ebb push. Just enough wind to get the Wabbit going down wind but still be ok upwind.
The short start and finish legs were the key to the day. Very light at the line for start and finish with a big tide swirl.
At the start Eric got caught behind the line fighting tide and in no wind so he had a nice view of the 3 wabbits racing ahead for the day.
Brad was able to keep tot he right , closer to Richardson Bay to get the Right hand shift before the other two wabbits which tacked early to get to Little Harding. Brad was able to get around just ahead of Colin followed by Merrick. Long reach down to Blossom going below Alcatraz had Wabbits pass most of the E27s who went above island. Same order of rounding- Brad-Colin-Merrick. Long beat up to Blackhauler but early Ebb helping out. All a bit overpowered with big jibs. Same order at Blackhauler. Long run down around blunt to Southampton. Brad was able to keep the lead and Colin and Merrick traded positions on this run a few times. Colin changed to a jib on the run and other two wabbits stayed with genoa.
Beat up through the Straights with Ebb behind again. Merrick passed Colin and sailed away with the big jib earl in the beat. Up to Little Harding again with Brad holding a nice lead and Merrick second then Colin.
Short run to finish against big Ebb. Started out as jib reach then ended light and aft to cross line. We went high looking for relief on the Marin shore but found none and lighter wind sooner that others. Merrick sailed low and around Brad to leeward. They did not keep an eye behind them as Colin rounded and sailed even lower and went around Merrick to win the day!

Sunny, warm and only a little wet when jib reaching with #1.

Awesome wabbit sailing.
PosBoatTotalRace 1
5Mr. McGregor5DNC
5Bear Wabbit5DNC
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