RYC Small Boat Midwinters 2018-19 at Richmond Yacht ClubJanuary 1
With the January and February races cancelled for high winds it came down to just 4 races over two days to decide the small boat midwinters.
PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7Race 8
1WecklessTim Russell101(1)1(2)3(5)2(7)[5](12)1(13)1(14)1 (15)
2KwazyColin Moore18[4](4)2(6)1(7)4(11)4(15)3(18)2(20)2 (22)
3Mr. McGregorKim Desenberg233(3)[6](9)4(13)1(14)1(15)5(20)3(23)6 (29)
4The Bar-ba-lootSarah Deeds242(2)4(6)5(11)3(14)3(17)2(19)[6](25)5 (30)
5Bad Hare DayErik Menzel32[7](7)5(12)7(19)6(25)2(27)4(31)4(35)4 (39)
6JomboJon Stewart385(5)3(8)2(10)5(15)DNS(24)[DNS](33)DNS(42)DNS (51)
7WastaRichard Jarratt45[8](8)8(16)8(24)8(32)6(38)7(45)5(50)3 (53)
8KealaRon Tostenson466(6)[7](13)6(19)7(26)DNS(35)6(41)7(48)7(55)
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