Wiver Wun at Richmond Yacht ClubAugust 27
Writeup from Kim Desenberg -

This was about the 37th Wiver Wun, maybe 38th? I guess we’ll keep doing it until we get it right…..
Another epic river adventure. Our regular crew Terry was busy, so we scored Gene Harris. She and George have done some Inland Transpacs in one of their catamarans - that was the race that inspired us to start our own Wiver Wun.
With no committee, we started at 11 AM GPS time. All boats were three up/fully crewed. Seemed to be a clean start, we stayed low, reached off a bit after the pier, and ended up having to tack for the #2 red buoy that was our first restriction. Dam! Eric and Ethan got around cleanly, I think we next four boats all had to tack for that buoy. Enough wind to trap that first leg. Close reach next, nobody set until a bit before red rock. Eric and Ethan went a bit inshore after rounding the point, we stayed out and kept more wind and caught up a bit. Good sail in San Pablo bay, John’s phone said we hit 9-11 knots or so (with a 1-2 knot current which we had all day) with the small waves. We came abreast of Eric approaching Vallejo, but he had worked left and benefitted from the wind/shift/current to stretch out before the first bridge.
Eric and Atilla and Michelle led the entire rest of the race, we would close a bit and then they would stretch even more. They sailed a nice race, and won by a comfortable margin.
As often has happened, the reach up the Sacramento River after passing New York Slough was windy and wild. We finally passed Colin who we had been battling with all day, to come into second. One small round up, and Ethan, Carmalyn and Sarah streaked by us to leeward. Colin had dropped back a bit with some spinnaker block issue, and we had survived this wild reach. Later two boats reported hitting 17 knots on that section!
Then we came to windy corner, with lots of kiters and foilers. Some jerk on his kite board dumped his boat right in front of us. His board was to weather, and his kite was to leeward. Not wanting to round down, I stuck us up and we went over to leeward. John got out on the keel and got some weeds off, but we weren’t coming up - were over for perhaps 5 minutes with all three spinnaker lines out to their knots. Luckily we weren’t progressing to shore, just going sideways. We took out the after guy knot and let it run, Gene pulled in the spinnaker, and John eventually worked his way around the stern and got on in the cockpit on the leeward side, He was somewhat winded, and hadn’t been able to pull himself over the sheer to weather as his lifejacket prevent him from sliding up onto the boat. We white sailed the rest of the way and tried to hold of Greg and Lisa, but they also planed by us in short order.
I believe the order was Eric/Ethan/Colin/Markos-Drake/Greg-Lisa/us.
So an eventful sail, a beautiful day with nice breeze. We finished about 4, so 5 hours on the water.
Everyone helped pull the boats out and we had another great bbq. After dinner some drunk lady was walking her two bulldogs on the lawn. They pulled her over and she let them go as they headed for OJ’s yellow lab. A dog fight ensued, but I believe nobody and no dogs were hurt. Later I saw the same lady almost get pulled over on the asphalt.
Thanks to all for another great event, including the ground support crews who came up with trailers and food and even a kid.
Another day or two and I’m sure the soreness will go away….
PosBoatNameTotalRace 1
1Bad Hare DayErik Menzel11
2FurrariEthan Petersen22
3KwazyColin Moore33
4Just a HareMarcos McGee44
524KGreg Byrne55
6Mr. McGregorKim Desenberg66
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