Wiver Wun at Richmond Yacht ClubAugust 12
A very pleasant day on the river! Started a bit slow and saw some rise in wind speed but never got the big breezes. The last few legs still had some nice reaching speeds, but no water on the deck and I donít think any breakage occurred - so the new WWWWWW trophy (Wylie Wabbit Wiver Wun Wet Windex Award) went to the last place finisher (it was designed as a carnage award, but there wasnít any).

Congratulations to Marcos and Rich, who led most of the way, passed a few times by Colin and company but crossed the finish line first. They worked hard! The top three boats finished within 20 seconds or so - Marcos and Colin were the A fleet, Eric pulled up on the last reach and almost got by Colin. A couple of minutes back were us - Kim/John/Gene - and Chris Melush. We stuck together almost the entire race, pulled ahead at the last windier reaching legs likely due to river grass on their foils. Their kelp stick was a paddle - not so effective.
PosBoatNameTotalRace 1
1Just a HareMarcos McGee11
2KwazyColin Moore22
3Bad Hare DayErik Menzel33
4Mr. McGregorKim Desenberg44
5TulawemiaChris Melhuish55
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